BG Agro Trading company

The trading structure of BG AGRO is a leader in the origination of grains and oilseeds and a major Bulgarian exporter with over 3 300 000 MT export to the present moment. BG AGRO Trading Company Ltd. is a member of GAFTA since 2011.

The trading company BG AGRO has a well-established trading structure covering the major grain-producing region of North-Eastern Bulgaria. The company has wide experience and long-term collaboration with over 500 farmers, processors, mills and trading companies by strictly selecting the supplied products in order to provide the best quality and competitive prices.

The company is one of the major distributors of AGROPOLYCHIM, Devnya - factory producing fertilizers and its trading company AFER-Bulgaria and selling more than 40 000 MT of fertilizers annually on the Bulgarian market.

The grains and oilseeds are collected and stored in new modern silo and storage facilities owned by BG AGRO with total capacity of over 100 000 MT. The logistics is ensured also by transport units owned by the BG AGRO group and partner trucking companies.

The company exports the production to the international market and actively works with the leading world trading companies.