BG Agro Plant protection

BG AGRO Plant Protection Ltd. is specialized in the following activities:

  • sale of fertilizers and seeds and distribution of plant protection chemicals;
  • prefinancing to farmers;

For 15 years now BG AGRO Plant Protection has managed to take a significant share of the trade with fertilizers and seeds and the distribution of plant protection chemicals with increasing volumes and high profitability. Since its establishment 15 years ago BG Agro Plant Protection Ltd. has maintained active cooperation with major direct importers, producers and distributors of the traded goods, as well as with farmers and traders established on the market.

The company has its own transport units and uses warehouse areas for storage of the traded goods.

The company is devoted to meet the specific needs and customer requirements. The experienced and qualified team provides the best products and consulting based on personal experimental results. The experts carry out field tests and thereby establish which varieties/hybrid seeds, plant protection chemicals and fertilizers are the most appropriate in order to achieve high-productivity and high-quality output.