BG AGRO (former BULAGRO and GIFTA) is a company group with a long year history on the Bulgarian grain market and agribusiness. Given the demands of the market, the company structure has succeeded since the mid 90's to expand activities and manage the entire supply chain from production to export of grains and oilseeds.

Gradually in the years the expansion of activities was structured into several companies covering the broad complex of operations connected with agricultural production and related activities, grain trading, storage, transportation and handling of cereals, shipagency and forwarding services.

The successful development strategy in the years established the company group of today's BG AGRO as a leader on the local grain market being one of the largest farming companies in the country, major exporter and reliable business partner of the leading world trading companies.

Since their establishment the companies BULAGRO and GIFTA - today under the name of BG AGRO - have successfully been investing in the Bulgarian agricultural sector. The group was awarded with the prestigious national award  for “AGRIBUSINESS of 2003 and 2009”.