BG AGRO Agricultural Company LTD produces wheat, barley, corn, sunflower seeds and rape seeds, processing more than 12 000 ha of land together with other affiliated companies.

The present team of BG AGRO AGRICULTURAL COMPANY has started its farming activity back in 1999. The successful operations during the first years lead to the establishment of the farming company in 2001. The company applies an innovative agritechnology ensuring higher yields and production of good quality cereals while best preserving the soils and nature.  The  construction of an irrigation system is currently in progress.

Today BG AGRO Agricultural Company is one of the largest farming companies in the country, processing together with other affiliated companies more than 12 000 ha in more than 30 areas in North Eastern Bulgaria. The company has concluded long-term (8-10 years) lease contracts with the landowners with prospects to increase the acreage further in the next years to over 14 000 ha.

The modern company silo facility in Valchi dol was recently put into operation. It has total storage capacity of 15 000 MT comprising of 3 silo bins, relevant handling equipment, dryer, cleaner and multifunctional flatstores; situated on an area of 1,30 ha. The grain storage and handling equipment is manufactured by the leading American producer GSI International. In 2016 the company has initiated a project for expansion of the silo facilities.