BG Agro Agricultural company

 BG AGRO AGRICULTURAL COMPANY LTD and other affiliated companies are operating on more than 12 000 ha of land in more than 30 areas in North Eastern Bulgaria and investing in production of high quality grains and oilseeds (wheat, barley, corn, einkorn, sunflowerseeds and rapeseeds), diversifying its agricultural program in the last years with new crops: durum wheat, soybeans, chickpeas, peas and fennel.

In 2016 the company has obtained its registration by the Bulgarian Ministry of agriculture and foods for production, processing and trade with organic products and is currently in the process of certification.

The company has modern agricultural equipment, produced by the world leaders John Deere, Titan Machinery, Kverneland, Horsch, Tecnoma, New Holland, Lemken, Belarus etc., transport units of 30 trucks and own storage facilities in Valchi Dol, Vetren and Klimentovo with capacity of over 20 000 MT.

BG AGRO AGRICULTURAL COMPANY is innovative, dynamically developing company. It has implemented various projects under various programmes of the State Agriculture Fund financing the purchase of agricultural equipment and investments in farms under EU programmes.

The awards "YOUNG FARMER OF BULGARIA OF 2001” and "AGROBUSINESS  of 2003" and "AGROBUSINESS  of 2009" reflected the results achieved by the company management during the years.
Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union opens up new opportunities for the future development through the measures of NAEP (National Agro Ecological Programme) and PRD (Programme for rural development), being a part of the CAP (Common agricultural policy) of the EU.