BG AGRO JSC manages and controls a group of subsidiary companies, embracing a broad complex of activities in the Bulgarian agri-business sector: from production to export of grains. The expansion of the activities in the years of development has resulted in structuring of the business in the following main divisions:

  • modern large-scale farming (cultivating more than 12 000 ha) and production of grains and oilseeds;  know-how transfer;
  • domestic and international trade with grain and oilseeds;
  • distribution of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers; prefinancing to farmers;
  • developing and implementation of innovative technologies for production of healthy foods;
  • transportation;
  • storage and handling of cereals in modern grainstorage facilities with total capacity over 100 000  МТ;
  • forwarding services, husbanding agency services, negotiating shipping tonnage for ocean traffic;
  • laboratory analysis and quality control of agricultural production.